Welcome to our New Website!

Bojo the Clown here bringing you greetings from the Westbury People’s Gallery – the foremost on street art gallery in Westbury Crescent.

If like me you’re bored of endless reports and investigations into supposed crimes and misdemeanours you honestly never did (or at least can’t remember) then why not peruse this wonderful site just opening up to the world (as I may have to if that girly swot Keir and his mates get their way).

So, what’s the gallery up to this bleak midwinter month?

Well, the new website is here – yes right here thanks to Julian Dourado and Jane Yates.

Alex Singleton or ASBirdman is the artist of the month – there will be a retrospective of some of his work at the gallery for the last few years which I am pleased to say features delightful depictions of me and my friend Donald.

Jane Yates is spreading word of the gallery throughout TikTok and Twitter

And outside of that, you can find here films of me, books of me, songs of me and soon there will even be a board game featuring – guess who? – ME !! Actually, there are loads and loads of artists here and even the ones not painting or drawing me are still pretty good.

Do have a wonderful day!