The Bojo Doodaah Band performs “We’ll Trade Again”
A short film by the Westbury People’s Gallery. Filmed summer 2021.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Extinction Shuffle (edited version)
A unique song and dance routine filmed entirely on location at the Westbury People’s Gallery garden! This is the final section of a performance that concluded the WPG’s week-long exhibition “Goodbyee!” which in turn was held as part of Great Big Green Week 2021.
Dance by Lizzy Spight and Helen Edwards.
Music by Malcolm Atkins, Pete ExCreate, Bruno Guastalla, and Nini Sakhri.
Camera and film editing by Julian Dourado.
A Westbury People’s Gallery Production, 2021
Bojo the Clown Takes Over the Circus
Bojo the Clown is very sad. He makes the whole circus laugh, but it doesn’t make him happy. No, he wants very much to be like his old school friend, Dave the Conjurer. This is the first film produced by the WPG.
Bojo In The Underworld (Short Story)