About us

Goodbyee! dance perfomance, September 2021

Westbury People’s Gallery (WPG) is an independent arts collective, entirely self-supported through communal effort, which has been holding a number of outdoor cultural events since 2020. WPG is independent of both state and corporate funding.

We hold events and exhibitions in our unique Garden Gallery, which is located in Cowley, Oxford, UK. All events and exhibitions are free for the public to attend, and the garden gallery may be viewed outside the normal viewing times by appointment. Currently, the gallery is closed for winter, but we hope to have it up and running again later in Spring.

We aim to open up creative practice in and around the local community and encourage an engagement with all the arts by all who are interested. We operate as an artists collective across all genres where work and ideas are shared for mutual learning and support. Community work will be displayed alongside the work of collective members and anything submitted to us will be considered for display.

A warning from nature

Much of the work in the gallery has focused on current catastrophes – both international like climate destruction and the rise of right-wing populism and local such as the Brexit disaster foisted on the UK by our own world-beatingly corrupt local populists. But work can be a personal expression, meditation or interest and political themes are not compulsory.

Because we have no external funding artists engaged are selling their work through our online site and some of the proceeds of those sales will be used to maintain the gallery and the important role it can have in giving a voice to the local community.

Please support our gallery by engaging with the work displayed here but also do consider creating your own responses to the dysfunctional world we are so professionally desecrating through environmental profligacy and the corruption of democracy through its manipulation by the privileged. Celebrate our humanity and common connection before the earth is eradicated by the inhumanity of corporate greed and corruption.

Boris and Dominic installation at night

Soon this page will contain more information about what we do, plus some photos of our Garden Gallery.