Outsider Art at the Westbury People’s Gallery

During August and the first half of September the Westbury People’s Gallery will be exhibiting work from around the world that reflects the environments we live in (and are systematically trashing). This will be a prelude to our participation in the Great Big Green Week from 24 September to 2 October, which will include performances and links to artists from around the world – as well as reflections on our threatened existence.

We are calling this exhibition Outsider Art because the gallery is a voluntary created space that is outside the British elite controlled and funded arts network and mercantile mainstream and also because the work is genuinely outside. It’s in a suburban front garden.

Key works will include Canvas Songs by Jeffrey Lies who died this year and whose work reflects an abstracted expression of musical construction; Mikey Watts’ reflections on the Urban and Rural in Columbia and Munir Al Sachroni’s reflections on climate crisis in Indonesia. We are particularly pleased to feature the voices of Munir and Mikey who are doing so much powerful work to challenge complacency over environmental desecration.

The exhibition will continue to unfold over the next six weeks and as always a range of other work will be on view in the gallery. Visitors and all interested are welcome to submit their work as well.

Opening times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5pm to 6pm
Saturdays and Sundays, 2pm to 4pm

(PLEASE CHECK WEBSITE FOR UPDATES – We are entirely unfunded and outside the arts mainstream, so please get in touch if you plan to visit. The gallery is after all just a suburban front garden. Other times can also be organised by arrangement.)