Jeffery Lies

Jeffrey Lies (pronounced Lees) was born in 1928. He is based in Oxford and studied art and design. For the past 30 or so years, Jeffrey painted abstract art whilst listening to classical music. He would sketch out a design in black or blue biro (also along to classical) which he would then grid and scale-up onto canvas. Then would come the colouring process which he refined over the years. He would say to me that after a while you got a feel for how different colours would interact and create ambiences and evoke feelings.

He had (using past tense as Jeffrey went into a care home in late 2020 and doesn’t really paint anymore) a strong interest in Jungian psychology and the therapeutic nature of art. He would see various images and metaphors emerging in his abstract artworks which he often recognised some psychological significance to. He also played with closing one eye whilst drawing and painting which apparently helped access different parts of the brain and perceiving. He would also talk of how his art was a therapy of sorts and was one of his main activities every day as well as keeping a journal.

When Jeffrey went into a care home, he gave me a lot of his art to share with the world. I also really look forward to sharing more of his very process-focused approach alongside as it seems a great way to really enjoy art-making whilst still creating something one can enjoy looking at. I will be doing some short videos over 2022 to demonstrate his approach so others can have a go painting along to music and enjoy a very intuitive art practice.